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NSW Suburban 5th Division Club of the Year 2007-2009
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James Bennett
Position Games
Prop 50
Bench 45
Lock 23
Hooker 5
Total 123
Grade Starts (Bench)
First Grade 12 (22)
Second Grade 64 (23)
Third Grade 2 (0)
Total 78 (45)
Year Team Caps Tries Convs Pens Dgoals Total Pts Ref Pts
2007 First Grade (8)
Second Grade 15 (3) 1 5
2008 First Grade (7)
Second Grade 17 (2)
2009 First Grade 1 (2)
Second Grade 7 (12)
2010 First Grade 6 (3)
Second Grade 12 (5)
2011 First Grade 5 (2)
Second Grade 11 ()
Third Grade 2 ()
2012 Second Grade (1)
2013 Second Grade 2 ()
Totals All Grades 78 (45) 1 0 0 0 5
(starting caps are shown with bench caps in brackets)

Games Listing
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t=Tries | c=Conversions | p=Penalties | d=Dropgoals | Tot=Total
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2007 R1 2nd Bench Oakhill 18-12 W
R2 2nd Lock Killara West P 64-19 W
R3 2nd Lock Sydney Convict 16-15 W
R4 2nd Lock Bankstown 5-14 L
R5 1st Bench Rockdale 62-12 W
R5 2nd Prop Rockdale 50-0 W
R6 1st Bench Norwest 27-7 W
R6 2nd Lock Norwest 39-0 W
R7 1st Bench Lane Cove 21-13 W
R7 2nd Lock Lane Cove 12-3 W
R8 2nd Prop Killara West P 22-0 W
R9 2nd Lock Oakhill 0-17 L
R10 1st Bench Woollahra Coll 48-13 W
R10 2nd Lock Sydney Convict 35-15 W
R11 2nd Lock Bankstown 8-29 L
R12 1st Bench Rockdale 66-5 W
R13 1st Bench Norwest 33-5 W
R13 2nd Lock Norwest 8-10 L
R14 1st Bench Lane Cove 72-0 W
R14 2nd Hooker Lane Cove 24-7 W
R15 2nd Prop Sydney Convict 22-20 W
R17 2nd Lock Oakhill 13-17 L
R18 1st Bench Killara West P 78-7 W
R18 2nd Lock Killara West P 42-0 W 1 5
MajSF 2nd Bench Bankstown 19-10 W
GF 2nd Bench Bankstown 5-33 L
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2008 R1 2nd Prop Notre Dame 29-21 W
R2 2nd Prop Norwest 20-12 W
R3 1st Bench Roseville 109-5 W
R3 2nd Bench Roseville 45-7 W
R4 2nd Prop Fairvale/Lansv 12-17 L
R5 2nd Prop Oakhill 5-10 L
R6 2nd Lock Lane Cove 64-7 W
R7 2nd Lock Sydney Harlequ 19-3 W
R8 2nd Prop Notre Dame 55-8 W
R9 2nd Prop Norwest 13-14 L
R10 1st Bench Roseville 72-10 W
R10 2nd Bench Roseville 38-0 W
R11 1st Bench Fairvale/Lansv 56-5 W
R11 2nd Lock Fairvale/Lansv 8-17 L
R12 1st Bench Oakhill 55-10 W
R12 2nd Prop Oakhill 10-23 L
R13 1st Bench Lane Cove 34-17 W
R13 2nd Prop Lane Cove 22-11 W
R14 1st Bench Sydney Harlequ 41-0 W
R14 2nd Hooker Sydney Harlequ 24-7 W
R15 2nd Lock Notre Dame 44-7 W
R16 2nd Prop Norwest 25-15 W
R17 2nd Lock Roseville 28-0 W
MajSF 1st Bench Sydney Harlequ 32-15 W
MajSF 2nd Prop Fairvale/Lansv 10-5 W
GF 2nd Prop Oakhill 7-16 L
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2009 R1 1st Bench Wollondilly 34-14 W
R1 2nd Lock Wollondilly 31-0 W
R2 2nd Lock St George 3-27 L
R3 2nd Bench Chatswood 38-17 W
R4 2nd Lock Liverpool 5-38 L
R5 2nd Bench Sydney Harlequ 45-0 W
R6 2nd Bench Notre Dame 34-0 W
R7 2nd Lock Macquarie Uni 5-15 L
R8 1st Prop Rockdale 5-29 L
R8 2nd Prop Rockdale 17-14 W
R9 2nd Lock Oakhill 24-15 W
R10 2nd Bench Fairvale/Lansv 15-32 L
R11 2nd Prop Lane Cove 28-0 W
R12 2nd Bench Chatswood 34-5 W
R13 2nd Bench Oakhill 7-19 L
R14 2nd Bench Lane Cove 54-12 W
R15 2nd Bench Macquarie Uni 26-14 W
R16 1st Bench Notre Dame 61-17 W
R16 2nd Bench Notre Dame 69-5 W
ElimF 2nd Bench Rockdale 39-35 W
QualF 2nd Bench Macquarie Uni 31-0 W
PrelF 2nd Bench Liverpool 0-17 L
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2010 R1 2nd Prop Burraneer 29-0 W
R2 2nd Prop Sydney Harlequ 22-31 L
R3 1st Prop Lane Cove 34-30 W
R3 2nd Lock Lane Cove 22-5 W
R4 1st Bench Chatswood 52-19 W
R4 2nd Prop Chatswood 52-5 W
R5 2nd Prop Notre Dame 12-39 L
R6 1st Prop Rockdale 32-38 L
R6 2nd Prop Rockdale 22-15 W
R7 2nd Prop Fairvale/Lansv 14-26 L
R8 1st Prop Macquarie Uni 39-14 W
R8 2nd Prop Macquarie Uni 45-21 W
R9 2nd Bench St George 19-3 W
R10 1st Prop Burraneer 10-14 L
R10 2nd Prop Burraneer 17-7 W
R11 2nd Lock Sydney Harlequ 25-24 W
R13 1st Prop Chatswood 36-31 W
R14 2nd Bench Rockdale 24-25 L
R15 2nd Bench Notre Dame 38-22 W
R16 1st Bench Fairvale/Lansv 42-24 W
R16 2nd Prop Fairvale/Lansv 13-5 W
R17 1st Bench Macquarie Uni 46-35 W
R17 2nd Prop Macquarie Uni 29-24 W
R18 1st Prop St George 5-50 L
R18 2nd Bench St George 13-31 L
GF 2nd Bench Sydney Harlequ 24-15 W
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2011 R1 1st Prop Macquarie Uni 12-60 L
R1 2nd Prop Macquarie Uni 0-21 L
R1 3rd Prop Macquarie Uni 25-14 W
R2 1st Prop Merrylands 5-40 L
R2 3rd Prop Merrylands 24-31 L
R3 1st Prop Brothers 7-63 L
R3 2nd Prop Brothers 0-22 L
R4 2nd Prop Rockdale 8-22 L
R5 1st Bench St George 0-62 L
R5 2nd Prop St George 5-35 L
R6 1st Prop Macquarie Uni 29-34 L
R6 2nd Prop Macquarie Uni 15-19 L
R7 2nd Prop Merrylands 5-65 L
R8 2nd Hooker Brothers 0-33 L
R9 2nd Hooker Rockdale 14-38 L
R11 2nd Prop Macquarie Uni 24-13 W
R12 1st Bench Merrylands 17-41 L
R12 2nd Hooker Merrylands 7-74 L
R14 1st Prop Rockdale 19-12 W
R14 2nd Prop Rockdale 26-28 L
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2012 R1 2nd Bench Notre Dame 14-10 W
Year Round Team Pos Opponent Result t c p d Tot
2013 R2 2nd Prop Roseville 12-22 L
R3 2nd Prop Macquarie Uni 31-7 W
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